Artist Profile

I was born and grew up in South Wales surrounded by the inspiring Wye Valley and Forest of Dean and later moved to the North West.  Through my childhood I was always found to be experimenting with different artistic mediums and at aged 7 was taught to crochet and sew. 

I studied 3-dimensional Design and  went onto specialise in jewellery and silversmithing which further led to me to explore and experiment with freeform and wire crochet as  a medium, as well as develop a technique to produce porcelain crochet pieces.



Through personal study and by attending a variety of three-dimensional art workshops I have gone onto develop my own style of crochet and three dimensional art, and continued to be inspired by my surroundings and the natural work.
I am  developing  my skills of spinning and natural dyeing, with a view to include hand spun and hand dyed yarn in my own work. I particularly enjoy the freedom crochet gives to create three-dimensional distinctive pieces of art which can be worn or hung.

As well as exhibiting  both nationally and internationally, I also run various crochet workshops.

I am a member of Bedfordshire Artist Network , The Bedfordshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers and

The International Freeform Crochet Guild .